Hawaii for the Holidays

The holiday season in Hawaii is a magical time to visit the island. The poinsettia are blooming, the humpback whales are visiting and our warm sunny weather keeps those dreary winter-time blues far far away. Make the most of your stay with these festive ways to celebrate Hawaii for the holidays.  Christmas Parades Just steps …
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Woman on a surf board on a Big Island bed and breakfast getaway

Traveling to Hawaii From California

Getaway from California  With its superb climate, a multitude of things to do, and only a 5-hour flight to get there, Hawaii is the perfect getaway for residents of the Golden State. The island of Hawaii is  Trip Advisor’s #1 trending destination in the United States for 2022. With almost 1,500 things to do, the …
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Man harvesting coffee beans at a Kona coffee farm

Best Big Island Farm Tours

One of the incredible things about our little gem in the Pacific is our hospitable climate and the incredible variety of things that are and can be grown here. The Hawaiian Islands may be known for delicacies like coffee and macadamia nuts, but there is so much more that flourishes here. Read on for our …
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A Guide to Diving on the Big Island

Whether you have never tried scuba before or you are a seasoned diver, Hawaii has something for everyone and Kona offers some of the best scuba diving in the islands. At approximately 900,000 years old, the Big Island is the youngest in the Hawaiian Island chain and has amazing lava structures both on land and …
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7 Nights at the Holualoa Inn

After a long winter and too much time indoors, it’s time to spread your wings and fly away to somewhere special. Somewhere you can enjoy blissful, sunny days at the beach and warm, breezy evenings from an ocean-view lanai. Somewhere you can truly relax and replenish both body and mind. Somewhere you can get away …
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Nothing is Better Than a Girls Trip to Hawaii

  Getaway With Your Girls Ladies, we get it. Sometimes, you need to drop everything and get away. Sometimes, that means leaving the kids, the dog, or your partner behind and getting some leisure time with just you and your girlfriends (or a fun mom!). What better way to leave your stress behind than to …
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Top 5 Scenic Drives on the Big Island

The Big Island is home to amazing hikes and endless backcountry adventures that you could spend years exploring. But in order to experience some of the most breathtaking views on the island, you need hardly leave your car. If you just want to enjoy your day by taking a cruise in a convertible with the …
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girl on a nature hike on Hawaii

Top 5 Best Hikes on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is a hiker’s dream. Within its 4,028 square miles of land area are most of the world’s climate zones, a range of terrain types, and 13,796′ of potential elevation gain. Most trailheads are easily accessible from Kona and Hilo within an hour or two, which means hikers can explore as …
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