Ukulele Love

My dog has fleas. This age old tuning trick for the ukulele may be familiar to some of you, but the strum of a uke is a sound so distinctive, for most, it could only mean HAWAII… If you’ve traveled to the Islands, or dream of going someday, songs produced from those humble 4 strings …
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The Humpbacks Have Arrived!

At Holualoa Inn in Hawaii we do have seasons. The shifts are subtle, but we know it is fall with the arrival of our winter guests, the humpback whales. We are happy to report the first sightings are in and it is official, the humpbacks are here! Over the next few months, locals and guests …
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Whale Watching Season is Here!

  Welcome to Hawaii’s Big Island and the winter home of the humpback whale. Our frisky friends have arrived after a grueling 3,000 mile journey from their summer homes in the Pacific Northwest, ranging anywhere from California to the Bering Sea. Hawaii, however, is the only state in the US where the humpbacks convene to …
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Explore Big Island Hawaii Beaches from Holualoa Inn

The Big Island of Hawaii  boasts 266 miles of shoreline and over 80 beaches, including some of the most picturesque and varied of all the Hawaiian Islands. Take your pick from white, black or green sand beaches, and a range in experience from remote and off-the-beaten track, to centrally located and chock full of activities. …
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Bride and Groom Outdoors at Holualoa Inn

Kayaking on Kealakekua Bay

One of most popular destinations on the Big Island for kayaking and snorkeling, Kealakekua Bay and the Captain Cook Monument area of Ka‘awaloa Flats have been negatively impacted in recent years by an influx of illegal and unpermitted kayak rental operations. Beginning the first of this year, the State of Hawai‘i imposed a moratorium on …
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The Cowboys of Hawaii Welcome you to take a Trip to Parker Ranch

A Trip to Parker Ranch on Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii Island conjures images of beaches, palm trees, and volcanoes, but the Big Island is also the birthplace of a unique and surprising culture: Hawaiian cowboys. It is home to one of the oldest cattle ranches in the country, pre-dating many mainland ranches by more than 30 years and boasting a rich and complex history. …
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Bride and groom stand in forest clearing with umbrellas

Day Trip to Hawi – Big Island Travel

Located about an hour’s drive north of Holualoa, the historic, sugar-plantation town of Hawi is a must-see destination when visiting the Big Island. In Hawi Town, vintage buildings along the street have been converted into art galleries, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Although it might seem like a “one-horse town,” charming Hawi offers much to explore. …
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Outdoor couches for Hawaiian wedding reception

Horseback Riding Tours on the Big Island

Of all the islands in the Hawaiian Islands chain, the Big Island is the most steeped with ranching and paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) history. Featuring acres of rolling, green pastures, historic ranches and miles of equestrian trails, Hawai‘i’s Big Island offers many scenic destinations for visitors wanting to explore the great outdoors by horseback. Kings’ Trail …
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