Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas Weather FElf Angel - Christmas in Hawaiiorecast for Mainland USA-Cold, white, gray and wet, depending on where you live. There will be traffic snarls, snowplows and sandbags in place. If  you’re headed to Aunt Sally’s house for the holiday meal, better dry out those snow boots and stage the shovels.

Have you ever thought of giving yourself the gift of Hawaii for the holidays? Be an elf angel and head to The Big Island this year where the temperature rarely dips below 65 (at night) and hovers in the low 80’s during the day. Your color spectrum will be upgraded to include luscious emerald greens, poinsettia reds and azure blues mirrored between sea and sky.

Sound good? This could be you, without the hat and in a different kind of suit-the kind you wear when swimming with turtles or kayaking out to the dolphins!

Turtle under Water in Hawaii If you’re lucky enough to be in the Islands for Christmas you can be sure that:

-Yes, we have Christmas Trees! It’s  fun to play at decorating our palm trees, and we do, but the Evergreens here are in their Hawaiian glory, draped in pikake flowers, orchids and keepsake ornaments just as your would have at home.2014 tree - Christmas Tree in the Big Island

-Santa does make it south, even if he does arrive at the helm of an outrigger wearing board shorts…

-In some places, including our Big Island bed and breakfast, the cool night air lends itself to a fire. It’s a fire for atmosphere, not as a heating source! Have you ever tried “Mac Nuts Roasting by an Open Fire?”

-We have snow! If you really miss the white stuff, you can head up to Mauna Kea (White Mountain) and make your own snow angel, watch the stars or our maverick Hawaiian snowboarders in action!

Snow in Hawaii? Yes! All the trimmings and traditions of your mainland holidays are here to enjoy. The magic of Christmas in Hawaii is found in a slower pace, a balmy breeze, the refreshing blue pacific and the joy of sharing a relaxing holiday with those dearest to you.

At Holualoa Inn, we bring the holiday spirit to life. Our home is transformed with festive decor:  Chef Crystal’s sumptuous holiday breakfasts, homemade cookies and the welcoming service of our friendly Ohana. Let us do the planning for you and arrive for your stay with festivities in place. We can arrange for a sunset sail on “Santa’s Sleigh”, arrange an intimate Christmas dinner for 2 or even have a tree waiting for you in your room!

So what are you waiting for? Escape the cold and embrace the serenity of Holualoa Inn with our Christmas in Hawaii Package. It’s a Festive Time in Hawaii, join us!

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