The Coffee Experience


A young man picking coffee beansKope (coffee) is a matter of taste; each flavor is influenced by many variables. For example, Holualoa farmers grow a variety of beans: Arabica, Guatemalan, Moka, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra and many more.

The coffee grows at different exposures and elevations; these variables affect climate conditions and influence the bean size and flavor. The roasting and processing methods also produce a wide range in flavor. Lastly, the method of brewing can make all the difference in taste.

Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee poured into a mugHere at our Big Island bed and breakfast, we are proud of our estate-grown coffee and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our guests as selecting a brand of Kona Coffee can be an education in itself. For coffee drinkers in the know, it is a matter of understanding the labeling of coffee the in the marketplace. To get in the spirit of our little coffee town, we have put together some brief information and tips on buying the best cup of Kona Coffee.

To be labeled "Kona Coffee," the coffee beans have to come from the geographical regions of North or South Kona. Kona Coffee is considered top-quality because it is handpicked and sun-dried. Check labels to be sure your selection is 100% Kona Coffee and not a blend.

Coffee Grades

Coffee comes in four grades: extra fancy, fancy, number 1, and prime. Grading has to do with the size and moisture content of the beans, extra fancy being the biggest and most moist bean. Coffee marked "100% Kona" can be a mixture of all grades of coffee, yet this blend alone does not ensure a great cup of coffee.

Estate-grown coffee means that the beans are grown and processed to the parchment stage on one farm only. This label indicates that the coffee was not blended with any other Kona-grown coffee, as is common practice with some of the larger processors.

Local Coffee Farms

Big Island coffee farmWe recommend you try several different labels, grades, and roasts of 100% Kona Coffee before deciding which brand is worthy of your money. Many farms in the area give tours and will let you taste their product before you buy. Our Innkeepers will direct you to several good local farms. Once you find a favorite, ask about how you can order it when you get home. Many growers have created Brew Clubs so you may drink your favorite blend all year long! Of course, we hope you choose our award-winning estate coffee to take home with you!

Brazen Hazen Coffee

Holualoa Inn & Brazen Hazen Coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Kona Coffee in a french press with two mugsThe up country or "mauka" region of Kona is renowned for its world-class coffee. Japanese emigrants, a variety of ethnic groups and native Hawaiians established coffee farms as family-run, backyard operations at the turn of the century. The emergence of the gourmet coffee market has revitalized the local coffee industry for the people of Holualoa and others along the Kona Coffee Belt.

Brazen Hazen Coffee produces Holualoa Inn’s signature blends under our private label. Brazen Hazen also manages the cultivation, harvest and roasting of the beans from our coffee farm. Not to boast, but we believe our coffee to be some of the best available anywhere. We were awarded the bronze medal at the 2009 Hawaii Coffee Association Statewide Cupping Competition. It is an honor to grow and roast some of the finest coffee cherry beans in the world. To learn more about our devotion (some might say obsession) to the coffee bean or to join our Brew Club and purchase coffee, please visit Brazen Hazen.

Holualoa Inn Kona Coffee makes a great gift!

Gift Baskets
Kona Coffee gift basketsWhat better way to share your favorite Kona coffee than to give it as a gift in a lovely Hawaiian gift basket?

We start with a hand-crafted basket made by the lovely wahine at Hapa Girls, add our fine 100% Kona coffee and any other gifts you have chosen. The result is a tasty gift for your family, friends, or business associates. You may even create your own private label!

Fresh Brew Club
Wouldn’t it be great to have a steady supply of freshly roasted Kona coffee? The Fresh Brew Club allows you to purchase and receive an automatic ‘subscription’ to our Holualoa Inn 100% Kona Coffee and have it sent to your location each week, every other week, or once a month. Brazen Hazen produces our coffee, so request our private label Holualoa Inn coffee from Brazen Hazen today!