Darrell M. Hill Cottage Dedication

It is with great pride that Holualoa Inn dedicates The Darrell M. Hill cottage to the memory of one of our community’s most admired artists. This small cottage was once his home, gallery, studio and classroom for a myriad of painters and friends who shared inspiration within the thriving artists’ community of Holualoa.

Darrell M. Hill is considered to be “one of the finest bold impressionists” of the 20th century. Although his paintings were diverse in theme, Hawaii offered him endless inspiration: exotic flora, rugged landscapes, surf scenes and, of course, the people of Hawaii.

Darrell Hill’s work has been described this way:

“Darrell Hill painted with passion. As I knew him, he would rather paint than talk, even while giving a class. And that was fine because just watching him paint on site; you could feel the zone he was in. No words required. Darrell had a small gallery in Holualoa when I met him.

He lived in a small cottage below the gallery, filled with canvases. There were so many paintings, that they were stored under beds and hung on all the walls. A well-established gallery rep wandered into his little gallery one day, and eventually Lahaina Galleries represented Darrell. The success allowed Darrell to build a studio in Waimea and his classes were always full.

To watch an artist like Darrell make it from being a small gallery owner and then rising to one of the top plein air artists in the nation was phenomenal.

As an artist, I have always admired his art and love the quick, confident brush strokes that I will always recognize as a Darrell Hill trademark.”

Sunny Pauole

“Strong contrast, bold use of color”



Follow your inner artist and fill your palette with the luminescent light and hue, which drew Darrell, and so many other artists, to Hawaii.  Darrell’s dedication to his work is representative of all the artists of Holualoa Village.

Enjoy privacy, charm and seclusion in the newly renovated Hawaiian plantation cottage, nestled on 30-acre Kona Coffee Estate. Share the history and experience the land that once inspired a great artist.

The Darrell Hill Cottage is currently being remodeled and will open before the end of the year. We will keep you posted. Once it is in operation, you will want to come and share the magic at The Darrell M. Hill Cottage at Holualoa Inn.