Sun Salutations on The Big Island :: Hawaiian Sunrise

Yoga on the BeachCalling all morning people! If you are on Hawai’i’s Big Island for an inward escape, leave the sunset loungers behind.  Follow the Hawaiian sunrise for an unforgettable yoga or meditation session.

To feel Hawai’i’s inherent energy, you need only sit quietly wrapped in the dramatic beauty of the  landscape. In planning your island journey, time the route to include a few choice sites where you may sit in peace or stretch to the sunrise.  After your session, these locales are key launch points to wander further before the late sleepers arrive.

Hawaiian SunsetSea-On the Big Island we have many favorite beaches. It’s difficult to pick just one, but for convenience, start with the stunning Kua Bay. Bone white sand and the company of Honu (Sea Turtle) are a welcoming setting as you watch the sun morph the sea from cobalt to turquoise. Bring your mask! Snorkeling during the still of early morning is as close to perfect as you will find during the day.

Shadow Of Mauna Kea

Mountain-Summit majestic Mauna Kea for sunrise, arguably one of the most sacred spots on the island. At 13,000 ft, you will need to prepare, and the Shadow of Mauna Kea will be your reward. The specter of this sunrise floating to infinity is a transcendent experience, well worth the extra effort of this journey.


Waipio Valley Lookout On Hawaii Big IslandValley-Wai’pio Valley equals jaw-dropping vistas from two-thousand foot high jade velvet cliffs, which tumble down a a five mile deep fissure along with Hiilawe Falls, Hawaii’s tallest.  Once the boyhood home of King Kamehameha, sunrise at Valley of the Kings is indeed regal. Don’t miss Wai’pio Overlook.



Active Halemaumau Crater At SunsetVolcano-To view the edge of earth’s core is life-changing.  Primordial, mystic, exhilarating.  Words seem inadequate to describe the essence of Halemaumau, at any time of day. Yet the glow of frothing lava at dawn is what you want to see and to feel. Stretch. Breathe. Connect with the earth, literally.



Authentic Hawaiian Coffee

The Grounds of Holualoa Inn-Of course there are mornings when the best choice is to wake up slowly, listen to the birds and enjoy the beauty in sitting still. Guests at Holualoa Inn rise leisurely, grab a cup of our Estate Coffee, a mat and head up to The Great Lawn, The Rooftop Gazebo or The Zen Buddha Garden to enjoy the morning show. What are you waiting for? Choose your room and let the journey begin. Namaste…



Beach Sunrise-photo credit: <a href=”″>oahu sunrise</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>