Hawaiian Wedding Traditions-The Conch Ceremony

Holualoa wedding ceremonyPlanning a destination wedding? Consider the Big Island of Hawaii and Holualoa Inn, where tradition is the trend that never goes out of style. Malulani Pavilion is easily transformed into Country Rustic, Eco Woodland,Great Gatsby or any theme, but our distinctly polynesian grounds are the the perfect stage for a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

Big Island of HawaiiThe sights and sounds of a Hawaiian wedding are iconic; soft Ukulele in the background, perfumed aromas of plumeria and pikake flowers, a barefoot bride crowned with a Haku Lei entering onto the Great Lawn under a towering monkey pod tree. The backdrop of the Kona coast shimmers azure and the sunset bathes the estate in tangerine hues.

Beyond the breathtaking setting for a traditional Hawaiian wedding, you will find the symbolic nature of the Hawaiian ceremony just as compelling as the land.

Conch Shell

Royal Kona Wedding © Karen Loudon photography

Consider the “Pu” or ceremonial blowing of the conch shell by the Kahu (caretaker of the conch/ceremony). The Conch has been used in celebrations since ancient times and still carries sacred meaning in Hawaiian culture today.

During the era of Kings, The Kahu would blow the conch to announce the arrival on island of a royal canoe or at the begin of any significant ceremony. The conch was, and still is, blown in a specific pattern for the ceremony at hand, with the end goal of appeasing the gods of fire, land, sea and air and to usher in heavenly Mana, or energy. An enduring gift from the sea, the Pu is blown today each year in Honolulu at the commencement of the Hawaii State Legislature.

Should you choose to have the Pu herald in your special day, the Kahu will precede the Bride, blowing the conch in all directions to announce the start of your wedding ceremony. Just as the wedding ring symbolizes eternal love, the Pu calls for enduring Aloha and the energy of Mana to ensure a long, loving and harmonious marriage.

Holualoa Inn WeddingWhether you choose to have a traditional Hawaiian wedding, are looking for an Elopement Package, or want to plan the grand wedding of your dreams, we are here to guide you along the way. Ask us about the Whole Estate Rental and accommodations for the bridal party and guests.  The Darrell Hill Cottage doubles as both bridal party dressing area and honeymoon suite. Contact us today and begin planning the destination wedding of your dreams at the most romantic bed & breakfast on the Big Island of Hawaii.