Introducing the Sculpture Garden and Preserve


3 large bronze bells in front of flowers & ocean

Holualoa Inn is proud to announce our new Sculpture Garden and Preserve, created to provide our guests a restorative place to explore, relax and reflect. Set against sweeping views of the Kona coastline and amid acres of land filled with tropical plants and flowers, the Sculpture Garden features interactive sculptures commissioned and installed to inspire peaceful meditation and thoughtful transformation.

This month we are featuring “Caller”, a sculpture created by renowned artist Davina Semo. Throughout history the bell has been tied to religious ritual, a call to action, commencement of an event or an alert to danger. Its sound has symbolized peace, freedom, and the awakening of the mind when it disengages from minutiae and opens to be more receptive, allowing for the harmony and clarity that can become pure wisdom.

Just as our land offers space for reflection and exploration, the sounds of Semo’s beautiful bronze bells offer each visitor the opportunity to give voice to their inner dialogue, to transcend solitude and, in the words of the artist, “connect to other ears through a surrogate sound that projects far and wide.” Thus, Semo’s bells become a means of tapping into the wisdom of higher-consciousness and connecting us to one another, through harmonic sound.

In the coming months we will feature the other sculptures, the Labyrinth, the Lani Hanu Amphitheater and the land and flora of our Sculpture Garden and Preserve. In addition to exploration and relaxation, the Sculpture Garden offers an ideal setting for an Intimate Wedding or Estate Elopement.