Kava Beverage in Hawaii

Kava plant at our Hawaii Big Island B&B

Consumed for centuries by Polynesians and Hawaiians, Kava (or awa) is a soothing beverage made from the root of the kava plant. Touted for its medicinal qualities, kava is said to alleviate anxiety while promoting a heightened sense of well-being and mental clarity.

Kava beverage in a bowl with ladleHere in Kona, there are several places where you can try kava. Kanaka Kava in Historic Kailua Village is the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy Kava prepared in a huge wooden bowl and served in coconut cups. And if you’re hungry, there’s also an excellent menu that features traditional Hawaiian food and appetizers. The outdoor setting and picnic table-style seating promotes a communal atmosphere among patrons. You might even imagine yourself seated with royalty in the days of the ali‘i, when kava was used as a sacred ceremonial drink of kings.

Those who  drink kava will notice a slight numbing sensation of the mouth and tongue. A tad bitter, the brothy beverage is made with pulverized kava root strained through a cloth and mixed with fresh water. There are at least 15 varieties of Hawaiian kava, each with its own qualities, flavors and potencies. Drinking kava on an empty stomach reportedly provides the most potency.

Guests of Holualoa Inn have the opportunity to experience the bounty of local foods that grow on the Big Island. Our garden, orchard, nursery and coffee estate provide much of the flavors you’ll enjoy at the breakfast table. Be sure to make Holualoa Inn your home away from home on the Islands. And don’t forget to make a trip to the kava bar.

Innkeeper Holualoa Inn