Living Sustainably in Hawai‘i

Because of its year-round perfect climate and lush growing conditions, Hawai‘i is one of the best places in the United States to live a sustainable lifestyle —particularly on the Big Island, which is considered the “bread basket” of the state’s agricultural sector.  Our island’s many diverse micro-climates provide the ideal locations for everything from coffee and macadamia nuts to avocados, citrus, mushrooms, vanilla and even chocolate. Fruits and vegetables thrive here all year long.

Here at Holualoa Inn, we believe in creating the most sustainable environment possible. Most everything we serve for breakfast comes from our bountiful gardens and coffee farm, and Chef Brian Conaway makes good use of all our products. When he’s not fixing up specialty omelettes made with fresh arugula or gluten-free eggs Benedict layered with sauteed squash, he’s busy in the kitchen creating homemade juice, jellies and jams from the guava, lilikoi and figs that grow on the property. For home-cooked waffles and pancakes, Brian’s delicious lilikoi syrup is one of the most popular additions to our breakfast table. Our 30-acre coffee farm provides award-winning Kona roast served round the clock at the Inn. Guests can also enjoy organic eggs fresh from our coop.

In recent months, we’ve added to our bounty of edibles by planting a new orchard brimming with exotic fruits like jaboticaba, mangosteen and starfruit, or favorites like oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and mangoes for every season. If you’re in the neighborhood, our Holualoa Inn ohana would be delighted to take you on a tour of our inn and grounds. Or better yet, book a stay with us for your next romantic Hawai‘i vacation.

Innkeeper Holualoa Inn