Lomi Lomi Massage – Ancient Hawaiian Healing Art


While on vacation on The Big Island, take time to relax, heal and rejuvenate through the “Loving Hands” of a Lomi Lomi massage therapist. Lomi Lomi literally translates as massage, however,  the practioner’s goal is to encourage mental as well as physical relaxation.  
Lomi Lomi has been a sacred form of healing and physical therapy for Hawaiians over the centuries.  Considered spiritual healers, the Kapuna (elders) and Kahuna (master practitioners) would pass their sacred knowledge down through the generations.  This healing art addresses the body’s need for balance between physical and spiritual health in order to engage the restorative power of Mana, our life force.  
What to expect? Your session will likely begin with a moment of silence as your practitioner offers a blessing or prayer for healing to occur. The practice of Ho’oponopono, mental cleansing and forgiveness, will open the mind to cure, so set your intention from the start.

Bodywork includes a wave-like rhythm of hand and forearm massage to knead out fibrous deposits, stimulate blood flow, flush toxins and relieve muscle spasm.  The therapist will use carefully blended oils comprised of native Hawaiian ingredients such as kukui nut, macadamia, tuberose and plumeria. It is common for practitioners to plant, nurture and mix their ingredients with great care and reverence, as the aromatherapy oils are integral to the experience.

Lomi ‘Ili’ili refers to the technique of using hot stones during the treatment. The warmed stones are incorporated into the rhythmic motion of your therapist’s hands and arms. Enjoy the smooth and soothing feel of the stones as an even deeper dimension is added to the bodywork. 
Sound relaxing? Add the sanctuary like surrounding of Holualoa Inn’s open air massage Hale Luana, and all the ingredients are in place for a stellar body treatment and a unique Hawaiian experience. Let our Holualoa Inn staff book you a Lomi Lomi massage during your next stay with us.



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