Resolve to Enjoy the New Year

We can attribute the origin of New Year’s Resolutions to the Roman mythical king Janus of 153 B.C.  Janus was depicted with two faces, one facing forward and one facing back.  Situated at the head of the calendar, Janus was thought to simultaneously evaluate the events of the past year while exploring the promise of the future.  Each year at New Years, like Janus many of us assess the prior year and promise ourselves, “This year will be different.”  This is the year we will eat right, commit to exercise, lose weight or drop a bad habit.  Whatever your particular vow, research shows less than 50% of these resolutions last the first six months of the year. Approximately 25% don’t even last the first week.

So here we are, one week into 2011, and already some of us are feeling the pressure, struggling to maintain the enthusiasm and dedication to our New Year’s promise to ourselves.  Here are some tips we’ve discovered to help:

First, try re-wording your resolution to be more specific.  For example, rather than vowing to lose weight, undertake to lose just a pound or half-pound a week, making your goal more manageable and more easily attainable.

Second, tell a friend.  Making your resolution public may help to keep you accountable, and having the support of friends and family can only help.

Third, keep yourself excited about your resolution by building in some adventure.  If you want to eat better, promise to try a new recipe each week or new restaurant each month.  Resolved to exercise? Try a new yoga class or a new sport.  Hoe he’e nalu, Hawaiian stand up paddle surfing, is a great way to enjoy the ocean while strengthening your core.

Finally, reward yourself.  Buy a new pair of jeans, take a cooking class, book a romantic Hawaiian vacation at Holualoa Inn, our Kona bed and breakfast and explore the many adventures the Big Island has to offer.  Your ohana at Holualoa Inn wish you great success in the new year.

Innkeeper Holualoa Inn