Romantic Staycation Ideas Inspired by Holualoa Inn

couple champagne cheersWe know that, after several months of staying at home, you and your partner are ready for a much-needed getaway! Though a romantic escape to Hawaii may not yet be in the cards for mainland travelers, a simple, restorative romantic staycation is the perfect way to tide you over until quarantine is lifted. Below we have shared a few simple ideas for a romantic staycation inspired by the offerings at Holualoa Inn.

For the Romantic Couple

Create a travel-worthy romantic surprise for your partner by recreating our Love Affair package at home. Decorate the bed in rose petals—or, better yet, your partner’s favorite flowers—and enjoy a champagne toast to your time together. We include local chocolates in our package and encourage you to select your own favorite treats from a small business in your community.

To go the extra mile in both pampering your partner and supporting local business, create an artfully arranged fruit and cheese plate with local produce, cheeses, and other artisanal favorites.

For the Adventurous Couple

Feeling restless after months indoors? An at-home Ultimate Honeymoon package might be your ticket to reconnecting with nature and your partner. In place of a day-long excursion with Hawaii Forest and Trail, seek out a hiking trail or beautiful park in your area. Pick your favorite scenic spot to enjoy a delicious to-go lunch with all your healthy favorites.

At the end of your active day, take time to wind down together. Though a couple’s massage may not be accessible, exchanging massages is the perfect way to relax and reconnect.

For the Healthy Couplecouple embraces on outdoor romantic staycation

The ability to relax, unwind, and nourish your body alongside those you love is truly a special gift. Get your blood flowing while releasing some tension through an online yoga session in the comfort of your home. For a little extra romance, diffuse an essential oil blend of lavender and citrus.

After you have unwound, spend some time connecting in the kitchen by preparing a healthy meal together. Our Healthy Mind and Heart package includes a gourmet lunch of grilled chicken or fish, a garden-fresh salad, and a nourishing smoothie, but the possibilities are endless! For a sweet touch, try recreating the meal you enjoyed together on your first date.

For Every Couple

Our mission at Holualoa Inn is to ensure that our guests feel at home. When times get tough, it is understandable to feel displaced and uncertain, and in such a headspace we often forget to remind our friends and family how much they mean to us. Therefore, we encourage you to appreciate your partner for creating a home for you, and to remind them that you are a home for them as well.