From Hawaii with Love :: The Spirit of Aloha

Aloha! This word is not only a hello, but a greeting steeped in love. The very essence of the spirit of Aloha is love, so it is no surprise that romance radiates Hawaiian wildlifefrom every corner of the land, sea and sky. There is a primordial energy in Hawaii that generates the mesmerizing aroma of a fresh lei, the hypnotizing sway of the hips in hula, the sultry feel of warm trade winds and balmy evenings.

Waterfront Hawaiian InnWith a mythology steeped in stories of the love of gods and mortals, it is no surprise that the amorous effect of the Islands has been at play since the first visitors arrived. Early traveler Mark Twain most likely heard the myth of the ill-fated lovers Lehua and Ohia. Pele, jealous of their bond, cast a spell which turned Ohia into a grizzled and gnarled tree. Other gods took pity on Lehua, separated from her lover, and turned her into a stunning red blossom clinging to the branches. Hawaiians revere the tree knowing that the lovers are entwined for eternity. Needless to say, don’t pick the Lehua blossom or you will be breaking up an ancient union!

An exclusive hideaway for twentieth century film stars, icons like Frank Sinatra and Ava Garder shared their exotic honeymoons with spellbound fans.  Who can forget the racy (for the time) love scenes in  From Here to Eternity? The spell was cast and loveIt Takes Two To Tangors around the world dreamed then just as you do now for that idyllic adventure for two on the most romantic island in the Pacific.

It’s February, the month of love-what do you have planned? Valentine’s is just one 24 hour period. At Holualoa Inn, we are charmed by Eros every day of the year. The mystique of intimacy can be found throughout our property. Even the geckos share their love with us once in awhile, how about you? No, really, we have rooms for that, but have you thought about escaping the day to day and staging a love adventure? Marry. Elope. Indulge. Whatever your agenda for romance, let the magic of Holualoa Inn be your setting on The Big Island



photo credit: Jeff Durbin via photopin cc