Whale Watching Season is Here!

A humpback whale swims underwater in Hawaiian Islands National Marine Sanctuary.


Welcome to Hawaii’s Big Island and the winter home of the humpback whale. Our frisky friends have arrived after a grueling 3,000 mile journey from their summer homes in the Pacific Northwest, ranging anywhere from California to the Bering Sea. Hawaii, however, is the only state in the US where the humpbacks convene to mate, give birth and rear their young before heading north for the summer season.

To read everything you want to know about the hawaiian humpback, check out the link to NOAA.

Whale Watching Tour Operators

While you are here on vacation, a whale viewing is a must! Whether you hit the water or just find a nice beach and have a look, chances are you won’t be disappointed. For a unique experience try sailing in true Hawaiian style aboard the double-hulled sailing canoe, the Wa’a Kini Kini. Ask any of us at Holualoa Inn about Eka Canoe Adventures and we are happy to make arrangements for a humpback adventure you will never forget.

Big Island Whale Watching - Humpback Whales

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