What’s Going on at the Inn?

Just because we haven’t seen too many of you these last few months doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work here at the Holualoa Inn. We are always looking for ways to improve the Inn to make your stay even more enjoyable and relaxing than the last time you visited. We’ve taken this opportunity to continue work on some longstanding projects at the Inn and around the Estate and to put some extra effort into our landscaping. With Hawaii considering easing travel restrictions on visitors beginning October 15th, we want to make sure everything at the Inn is perfect for when you return. Here a few photos of what we’ve been working on…

We pruned back the large avocado tree that grew just mauka of the Buddha Garden. It had grown to a point that it had become difficult to harvest the delicious avocados. Don’t worry – it will grow back. But it will be much neater and more manageable. In a year or two it will start producing again. In the meantime, the Buddha Garden is enjoying some beautiful morning sunlight.

We’ve also been tidying up the banana patch, making way for new bunches of bananas and making it much easier to collect them when the time comes.

The bamboo hedge outside the Coffee Cherry Room makes for a perfectly secluded outdoor area around the hot tub. The hedge has to be meticulously pruned on a regular basis to keep it from growing into the tub area!

Our gardens also require constant attention, but it is worth it for all of the beautiful shrubs and flowers!

Meanwhile, coffee season is in full swing here. Our pickers are hard at work harvesting this year’s crop, and they will keep at it for the next few months as the coffee ripens in waves. The coffee from our estate will be specially roasted and will be available for you here at the Inn, and also through our Brazen Hazen label.

The summer fruit is coming to an end, but the next wave of fruit is on its way. Late season mangoes like the Keitt are already coming in. Avocado season is coming soon, with some early varieties already showing up on island. Local favorites likes the Sharwil and Kahaluu will be ready in another month or so. Citrus fruits are almost here as well. Limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges and tangelos are all getting bigger and starting to change color.

While we await your return to the Holualoa Inn, we will continue to take care of the estate, all of the gardens, orchards, and coffee. We hope to have you all back at the Inn soon, but even if we don’t see you for a while, know that we will be here making sure everything is perfect for the day we welcome you back home!


A hui hou! –

(Until we see you again!)